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With a focus on developing the potential of children and families, improving the quality of life of our seniors, enriching our culture and experiences through special events, your membership will bring about meaningful change in your community.

When you join the Center you belong to a place where:

  • Families come together to have fun and spend quality time with each other.
  • Children and teens play, learn who they are and what they can achieve, and are accepted.
  • Adults connect with friends, pursue interests and learn through adult education programs.
  • You build relationships that further your sense of belonging and purpose.

Be a member of something special in our Community.

  1. Complete the form below. Your membership is effective immediately and is for a (1) year term.
  2. Pay for your membership. We accept all major credit cards through our secure Paypal form.

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Individual Membership $20.00
Family Membership $25.00
Five-Year Family Membership $100.00
Lifetime Membership $500.00

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